Do i need to learn C n C++ for unity scripting?

Hello Friends…

i know 3ds max and bit of unity3d too.

now i want to put step in game development.

i do not have any knowledge of programming or scripting.

Do i need to learn any other languages to learn unity scripting or C# is enough?

If C# is enough for unity 3d then should i learn directly C# or i have to start from C n C++ ?

i will be thank full if you help me in clear my confusion.

I highly recommend learning either C# or UnityScript (Unity’s version of Javascript). There is are also various ‘Visual Scripting’ solutions such as PlayMaker (PlayMaker - Store), but you REALLY should learn how to code by hand as it will be needed at some point :wink:

For me, coming from a web development background I started with UnityScript. You will also hear many arguments of which is best out of C# or UnityScript. Both have their pros and cons, but neither will actually limit you to any great degree. I would say start with a language that will be most familiar to you (if any) and try to have fun!.. and don’t start on a massive project, make it small so you can have the satisfaction of finishing (important for morale!).

If I had to choose a language for someone new to coding, I would say UnityScript, but it is a personal preference.

To decide about which language to use I would suggest going to YouTube and watch video for both languages. However this video may help you decide:

Hope this helps!


This video might help you.

C# is enough since programming in Unity has nothing to do with C or C++. Usually if you have already some experiance in another language it’s easier to learn another one because around 60% - 80% of the syntax is equal or very similar. However if you don’t know any language, don’t waste your time learning C or C++ (which is a pain if you’re new to programming ;)). C# is easier to learn.