Do I need to purchase a seat for a user who already owns a license for an extension asset?

I’m working on a project with some friends and originally we were going to each purchase our own licenses for assets we plan to use so that we can use them on future projects if we part ways. Then I noticed that as the organization owner I can purchase additional seats for users. My understanding of section 2.4 in the EULA leads me to believe that we’d be alright each purchasing our own licenses but I wanted to double-check that I am interpreting that correctly.

While I’m not a lawyer and most here probably aren’t you can’t expects any reliable legal advice here. (Even if there are some lawyers around, they usually don’t give out “confidable” advice for free).

Anyways I think you’re right. Per seat usually means one for every user that is involved in the project. I don’t think that it matters who purchased the license, just that you have enough for each active user. So I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

Though if you’re still in doubt you may want to contact the Unity support (probably sales?)