Do Lambda Expressions and/or LINQ work on mobile platforms?

I was told by someone in the IRC room that these break down into "expression trees", which the mobile platforms do not support.

Doing searches in here and the forums haven't resulted in any second opinions, so I thought I'd ask directly.

Has anyone used the Fluent syntaxes and/or Query Expressions in LINQ and had them successfully compile on the mobile platforms?

It should work fine with anonymous delegates, e.g.

var fives = yourEnumerator.Where(delegate(int x) { return x == 5; });

With some extra testing, basic lambdas work

var fives = yourEnumerator.Where(x=>x==5);

There are some still a few issues, but you can code around those most likely

Older question but I thought I’d add my experience.

I work on a unity 3.5.X project that targets desktop and Android (specifically touchscreen PCs and Android tablets). We use Linq extensively in out project and have not run into any issues yet.

That being said the client side queries are quite simple (where, min, max, orderby, select). We do use a lot of the extension methods as well (ToList, SelectAtIndex etc). Haven’t had a problem yet (other than MonoDevelop completion not being up to par with VisualStudio).

Haven’t targeted iOS, so I can’t speak to that.

Most of Linq extension methods from Linq for Collections are not working with IEnumerables on iOS since they require AOT runtime compiler which is not supported.

However there is a Linq for iOS library on Asset Store that is similar to Linq but doesn’t require a runtime compiler. So you can use it on iOS.