Do many transparent pngs slow down UI?

Hi, I want to use a lot of transparent pngs for my UI. On websites sometimes you see on some older pcs that it takes a lot of cpu power. Is this slowing down the game, or is it negligible?

While it depends on the PNG size and complexity, there is no other way to implement UI with complex images.

You can use other type of textures, but in the end Unity will interpret them in the game all the same, and even mid-level smartphones are quite good at processing them.

So by older PCs, if you are referring pre-2005 PCs and laptops, good luck with that supporting them. It’s like working on a DX12 game for it to work on XP.

Any device released after 2010 won’t have a problem with that.

By older I didn’t actually mean that old. pngs with detailed transparency (lots of “shadow-y” stuff) slowed down my pc just some years ago. But ok, thanks for the answer!