Do not inherit scale from parent object


How do I retain the same scale of an object when it becomes parented to a another object which has an akward scale. My cube is stretching really weirdly.

Steps to reproduce:

Shoot a cube from player into a wall.

Using scripting set the rigid body of the box to be kinematic

Parent cube to wall for any animations.

Box becomes squished.


If you parent an object to a scaled object, the child will use the parent’s distorted coordinate system and deform when it rotates. To get around that, parent the Wall to an Empty and use that same EMpty as parent for the projectile, when it hits the wall.

Could someone translate/rephrase this to apply to our scenario, using wheelColliders!

Project runs fine in 4.xxxxxx but when moved to 5.xxxxxx it gives the wobbling wheels…

Same issue in earlier versions of Unity, was resolved by rebuild all wheeled objects from scratch, at 0,0,0 etc… Massive waste of time… but at least it stopped the wobbling.

That was done twice for one of vehicle in 5.xxxx, still wobbling wheels

Vehicle is and EXACT copy… just made a copy of the project, and loaded it in 5.x
Import complained about obsolete code
Corrected all the deprecated code to the new Unity level… such as SetActive, etc…

Code is error-free and everything works except the wobbling issue, and the sounds, 5.x does not like 32bit wav.

Is there something new between 4x and 5x wheelcolliders!?

We are near upgrading to Pro, once we get all conversions to run smoothly…this is putting a dent in the plan… Our schedule runs to May 2016… we cannot be fighting obscure issues that seem to creep up on subsequent versions… and hardly any posts that offer clear solutions.
Boss is adamant about all issues being resolved, before we finally move to Pro.
Your help will come as … a party!