Do Spotlights even work in LWRP?

I just added a spotlight to my very simple scene, it only has a 100x100 terrain, the player and a spotlight… but when I add the new spotlight no light whatsoever comes out of it… it doesn’t light up the terrain nor a plane which i’ve added for testing. How can I make this to work? All I have is a warning message that says the following: “Realtime indirect bounce shadowing is not supported for Spot and Point lights.” does that has anything to do with anything?

Ah, i fixed it. In your LWRP project, go to Project Settings > Graphics > and check the name of your “Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings”, then find that settings file in your Project window and click it. Once clicked you’ll see in Inspector a bunch of options, you need to enable the “Additional Lights” in the “Lighting” panel.