Do the Texture2D methods behave differently in a release build?

I try to reduce the size of a texture by half. For this I use the code

Color32[] tOrigData = mCurrentTexture.GetPixels32(1);
mCurrentTexture.Resize(mCurrentTexture.width >> 1, mCurrentTexture.height >> 1, mCurrentTexture.format, true); 
mCurrentTexture.SetPixels32(tOrigData, 0);
mCurrentTexture.Apply(true, false);

which works fine in the editor.
If I build for Windows however the result is just a white texture
, as if Apply() was not called.

Maybe this is a bug or I misuse it. I didn’t build for any other platform yet and will update this post once I tried a different platform.

I also tried to copy the Color32 array shallow and deep, and both didn’t work.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I found an alternative solution for my problem.

At the beginning I save the result of mCurrentTexture.GetPixels32(1) to the cache folder at Application.temporaryCachePath().

Then I load it back again when I need it.