Do we have to open SavedGame every time we do a CommitUpdate when using cloud PlayGames services?

I’m using OpenWithAutomaticConflictResolution() to open saved game, which give you a ISavedGameMetadata. Then I use it with CommitUpdate() to write the data. Can we cache the ISavedGameMetadata object? And do multiple CommitUpdate() with it?

I have seen multiple code example that re-open the save (OpenWithAutomaticConflictResolution) before doing a commit…

I think that I have found my answer with ISavedGameMetadata.IsOpen :
Returns true if this metadata can be used for operations related to raw file data the binary data contained in the underlying file). Metadata returned by Open operations will be “Open”. After an update to the file is committed or the metadata is used to resolve a conflict, the corresponding Metadata is closed, and IsOpen will return false.