Do we need to call RecalculateNormals() if normal vectors are assigned?

Hi, I’m learning how to modify mesh in Unity3D. Following code is from the Unity website - Procedural example. I’m not really sure about it assigning normal vectors in the for-loop and then called RecalculateNormals() afterwards. I thought if it is calling RecalculateNormals() then it doesn’t need to assign normal vectors in the for-loop. Am I wrong? Thanks!

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// because it had incredible number of severe errors

no, you don’t !

Unity’s RecalculateNormals is just ONE WAY to decide on your normals.

It is one algorithm, offered for “free” by unity, for your convenience.

For example, I literally have two projects in front of me … for one, it was adequate to just use Unity’s RecalculateNormals. In the other, the engineers created the normals themselves - so unity’s “recalculate normals” was irrelevant, and not used.

Re the code fragment above … yes, you can comment away the line RecalculateNormals. It is a fact that whoever wrote that original code example, simply made a mistake.

(Just to be clear - there is another , unrelated, straightforward typo in that example code! See my long comment below on that.)

Also note Eric’s critical comment below and bear that in mind!