Do you 'have' to remove the unity splash screen from your game?

Always amazes me how many people want to rush and remove the unity splash screen. I’d bet 95% of the games made with unity would never have been made at all without it and yet people seem so keen to remove it.

I’m about 3/4 to having mine finished and ready for launch and I’m more than happy to say that it was built with Unity and will therefor be keeping the unity splash screen (with my own splash screens added of course)

I’ll admit I haven’t read all the fine print from the license yet but I’m assuming there is nothing in there that says you ‘have’ to remove anything connecting your game to Unity. After all its free advertising for you guys too right?

(although I guess there is the other side to that coin. If your game turns out to be pants would Unity really want to be associated with it? Hmm…)


The ultimate realisation is that both Android and iOS store do not allow Apps which use Free Assets in order that they can maintain the quality of their stores.

On iOS, you probably won’t be allowed to submit it.

On Android you will probably make a submission but the automated system will likely remove it a few weeks later.

Steam will probably just laugh at the prospect.

It’s absolutely fine to keep the “Made with Unity” splash screen in (edit: if you’re building for PC/web). “Thomas Was Alone”, which has sold well over a million copies, was made with Unity Free and displayed the “Made with Unity” splash (certainly in its earlier versions - I think Mike Bithell might have now upgraded to Pro :).