documentation as docset?

Just curious if anyone has created a docset of the unity scripting (or other) documentation… or knows how to create one.

I just released a free plugin for Unity that allows you to automatically generate documentation for your unity project through Doxygen. It only documents C# scripts, but if you set the right values in its config file you can get it to help you generate docsets.

Check it out here:
Unity Automatic Documentation Generation (An Editor Plugin)

Thanks. While it’s not what I was asking for, it’s likely useful, so I did go get your product, and even bought you a beer. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it’s not real happy on my mac, locking up with:

“IOException: Failed to Copy File / Directory from ‘/Users/tracy/Desktop/test/Assets/Editor/Doxygen/Resources/DarkTheme/doxygen.css’ to ‘/Users/tracy/Desktop/test/Docs/html/doxygen.css’.”

Perhaps this product is limited to PCs, or have I screwed things up?