Documentation for tilemaps

Is there any documentation for the new 2d tilemap feature that should be in this beta?

Would love to know this also.

I've been using this for the time being, which is good to get started:

I would also be curious as to whether there's updated documentation, however, or when it might be expected, as this is the feature I anticipate most.


We need the documentation for tilemap!

I too would like to know if there's any current tile map documentation. I keep trying to edit my tile palette but it keeps resetting despite saving the scene/project.

Tilemap Documentation can be found here:

@Lightrail_1 : If you are facing issues with the Tile palette, could you make a bug report with reproductions steps? That would help a lot, thanks!


Awesome. Thanks for the update!

Very cool, much appreciated!

Also, looks like the API documentation is now available:

Godammit. Just made a new topic asking for this and here it is.

And also make the tool a bit more like rotorz tile mapper, so that creation of brushes does not need a programmer.
please focus on some Artist friendly brush creation wizard.

Do you mean something like this?

This is available for download at


Yes like that thanks! :)

And if you can also add a layer menu, like photoshop, where its easy to toggle layer visibility that would be great!

Or Make this menu have a way to become possible as standalone window.
Its annoying that it always closes and can't be open all the time to quickly access.

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That thing is my greatest annoyance in Unity. I want more dockable tabs with the things which are likely to change a lot, especially early in a project. Some things are just too deeply nested inside menus and clicks, despite being fundamental settings you need access to often.

Just have a look at how Maya does layers. It would make our workflow in unity so much easier.

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Yes, or really ANY art software (including external sprite tools).

I was trying to make the window for the layers myself but the unity API does not seem to allow to enable or disable the layers, only to read and set the names.

so I gave up and I'm hoping someone from unity will make the window.

This may seem off topic but its related to working efficient in unity Tile maps

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class Layers : EditorWindow
    string SLayers = "Layers";
    bool groupEnabled;
    bool myBool0 = true;
    bool myBool1 = true;
    bool myBool2 = true;
    bool myBool3 = true;
    bool myBool4 = true;
    bool myBool5 = true;

    float myFloat = 1.23f;

    string Layer0 = "name0";
    string Layer1 = "name1";
    string Layer2 = "name2";
    string Layer3 = "name3";
    string Layer4 = "name4";
    string Layer5 = "name5";

    // Add menu item named "My Window" to the Window menu

    public static void ShowWindow()
        //Show existing window instance. If one doesn't exist, make one.

    void OnGUI()

        Layer0 = (LayerMask.LayerToName(0));
        Layer1 = (LayerMask.LayerToName(1));
        Layer2 = (LayerMask.LayerToName(2));
        Layer4 = (LayerMask.LayerToName(4));
        Layer5 = (LayerMask.LayerToName(5));
        GUILayout.Label (("Layers"),EditorStyles.whiteLargeLabel);

        groupEnabled = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup ("Optional Settings", groupEnabled);
        myBool0 = EditorGUILayout.Toggle (Layer0, myBool0);
        myBool1 = EditorGUILayout.Toggle (Layer1, myBool1);
        myBool2 = EditorGUILayout.Toggle (Layer2, myBool2);
        myBool4 = EditorGUILayout.Toggle (Layer4, myBool4);
        myBool5 = EditorGUILayout.Toggle (Layer5, myBool5);

        EditorGUILayout.EndToggleGroup ();

It would be nice to have an example that creates Tilemaps programmatically. I'm sure there is a sizeable audience that wants to generate maps through code instead of manually.

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At least two of us!

Do you mean scenario where you have art+tilesets built-in or do you mean generate everything on-the-fly?