Documentation issue or bug? (screenshot supersize issue)

I was adding screenshot functionality to my game (using beta 20) and, while investigating, I found that Application.CaptureScreenshot optionally takes an integer to "supersize" the resulting screenshot. The documentation (the previous link) states:
When superSize parameter is larger than 1, a larger resolution screenshot will be produced. For example, passing 4 will make the screenshot be 4x4 larger than it normally would. This is useful to produce screenshots for printing.

The sentence about printing implies that the pixel density is increased but I noticed that is not the case. It appears that the supersizing just up-rezzes (is that even a word?) a non-supersized version of the screenshot.

Here is a screenshot with superSize=1: 2666899--188159--supersize=1.png

And here is one with superSize=2: 2666899--188160--supersize=2.jpg

View the screenshots at full size to see the difference.

If this is the intended effect then I'd like the documentation to change. First because the supersize effect doesn't particularly help with printing since the number of pixels stays the same, the pixels just get bigger. And second, the documentation should be more specific about the actual effect, spelling out that the result is just an enlarged version of a 1x scale screenshot.

If that is not the intended effect, then it is a bug.

In either case I'll report the issue, I just don't know if it is a documentation issue or a bug.

Try turning off antialiasing.

It also usually doesn't play too well with a variety of post effects.