Documentation on what is logged automatically?

About to sign up and try out the beta- but before I do, quick question- is there documentation somewhere for what is logged automatically? (i.e. maybe dau, geographic distribution, etc.?)


Hi @dmko ,

I do not believe there is any documentation that currently states this but I will work on getting this online somewhere.

This is the basic data that is recorded in the Analytics dashboard,

Daily Active Users, Monthly Active Users, New Users, Sessions Per User, Session, Total Daily Play Time, etc

These metrics are then also viewable against our default Segments,

Life Cycle Segments:
1. 30 Day Active (At Least One Play Session In Last 30 Days)
2. 13 Days (13 Days Since First Play Session)
3. 47 Days (47 Days Since First Play Session)
4. 814 Days (814 Days Since First Play Session)
5. 1530 Days (1530 Days Since First Play Session)
6. 31+ Days (31 90 Days Since First Play Session)
7. Lapsed Users (No Game Session w/in Last 14 Days)

Monetization Segments:
1. Whales (All Time Total Spend >= $101)
2. Dolphins (All Time Total Spend $5 $100)
3. Minnows (All Time Total Spend <$5 )
4. Recent Spenders (Spend w/in Last 7 Days)
5. Lapsed Spenders (Have Spend, But No Spend w/in Last 14 Days)
6. Never Monetized (No Spend History)

Platform Segments:
1. iOS
2. Android

1. Age
2. Gender

Geography (IP Address):
1. Japan
2. United States
3. South Korea
4. Germany
5. Taiwan
6. United Kingdom
7. France
8. Australia
9. Canada
10. Russia
11. China
12. Rest of World
13. You can also create your own custom segments for particular countries or regions

Let me know if you need any more information!

Wow, that is really cool! How do you determine Age/Gender?

This information will need to be gathered by each developer. There are two functions that set the age and gender attributes for any particular player, then after that Analytics takes care of the rest.