When will the documentation for 2022.1 be fully up to date? The Game view page is not:

7727121--970266--Capture d’écran_2021-12-11_09-49-40.jpg

Here is what the game view looks like in 2022.1:

7727121--970263--Capture d’écran_2021-12-11_09-36-26.jpg

This is the most common documentation issue around Unity docs IMHO. There's plenty of pages in general where nobody updated the options or images after the changes. I wish Unity would add some ticket system we users could track for doc issue reports so it would make the reporting feel worthwhile.

While the official bug reporting tool has clear "documentation" category the only time I've tried to use this mechanism to report a documentation issue just resulted on Unity QA clearly asking me to not do this is future. And like mentioned in past, I've had zero success on using the "report" link on actual doc pages, despite trying it at various time along all the years of using Unity. Sending report using this recommended report link gives you zero tracking or clue if anyone ever even read your report which frankly is an issue. It's like the old Unity feedback site where it felt like your feedback just dropped into some void without any staff response.

Only way I feel I can currently influence fixing any documentation issues is if there's public git repo that accepts PRs and I can just send the correction myself. I did this recently for one minor thing on HDRP docs and the fix got merged in a day ( but obviously this route wouldn't work for anything but minor changes. If the issue is anything bigger like changing images or goes beyond simple typo / formatting fixes I feel this is not really the place either where users should send their doc corrections at (we don't even know Unity's internal documentation conventions + it isn't task users should do in the first place).

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