The PLATFORM_ANDROID directive started appearing in some example codes (e.g. Android Runtime Permissions) but it is not available in the directives listed at:

I'm guessing that this directive is equivalent to !UNITY_EDITOR && UNITY_ANDROID. Could you add it to the PlatformDependentCompilation list? If possible, could you also tell on which Unity version this directive was introduced? This could be beneficial for Asset Store developers that would like to use this directive.


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Just found the same thing.
If there are more platforms supporting the combination of PLATFORM_ with the meaning of !UNITY_EDITOR && , it would be great to know (although this is already different for !UNITY_EDITOR && UNITY_WSA, which is WINDOWS_UWP, but I only know this from the coding guidelines of the MRKT)...
Thinking about this... clean up the mess please ;)