Does a large number of booleans affect performance?

Does the number of public booleans either in one particular script OR in the entire game affect overall performance?

I ask because I would like to use the animation event system with a specific boolean for each attack animation a character has, in order to determine which animations can be strung together as combos. For example, if attack 1 is being executed, an animation event tied to user input can trigger attack 2 but not attack 3,4 etc based on the boolean.

However, what if I have over 100 attack animations and a separate boolean for each to determine the difference between them all? Will this slow down the game performance? I realise this isn’t the best solution for a combo system, it is just an example at this point.

utterly no problem. 100 booleans is “totally irrelevant”

Yes, there has got to be a more elegant way to do that :slight_smile: