Does adding PlayHaven and Everyplay to a game require export compliance?

Hi guys,

I’m about to integrate PlayHaven ( and Everyplay ( into a game, but I’m not fully sure if they require export compliance on the App Store. To the best of my knowledge, Everyplay does not appear to require such compliance since it does not appear to use SSL or any other such encryption algoritm (though I’m not sure if its use of JSON involves encryption in any manner applicable to iOS app export restrictions). PlayHaven, however, uses SSL for some functions and appears to use SSL only for data submitted to PlayHaven, but I’m not fully sure if it’s exempt from Note 4 of Category 5 part 2 in the relevant export laws (information is available at If either Everyplay or PlayHaven require export authorization, then how it affect the app approval process?


Hi there – using PlayHaven does not require you to use cryptography export controls. In PlayHaven’s SDK, Apple is the SSL library provider, not PlayHaven, so the cryptography PlayHaven uses is not subject to restriction.

To provide further explanation, the EAR / ITAR export controls are not applicable in PlayHaven’s case. We have a purpose built library for authenticating our content, rather than providing a general purpose cryptography tool or library.

Summing this up - PlayHaven does not require export authorization for the App Store. If you have additional questions regarding the integration process, you can always reach us directly at


Laura @ PlayHaven

Same answer goes for Everyplay too.