Does android unity require license for google play?

As of right now 25-2-2015, does unity3d require a license (aka money) to deploy to a phone and/or upload to google play ? is it legal ? please give me the details

No you don’t and never have done. Yes it’s legal. Click the download tab at the top right of this page and download Unity. Note that you will need to be a registered Google developer to upload to the Play store, which involves giving them money.

No it doesn’t but at the same time, yes it does.

The act of Build and Publish doesn’t require a license but Google Play’s policy does say they don’t allow free-asset based things to maintain quality. This includes Default splash screens and anything provided on a free basis, like models.

Although you will likely succeed in upload it is only a matter of time before Google’s automated system removes your app for breaching one of the conditions.

Nothing about it relates to a legal issue. Its all ‘policy’.

For licensing info and advice you will need to contact Unity directly.