Does animating an object with children still work? (legacy)

Hey all, I’m down to making animations for firing, reloading, idle, running, etc. to my gun, and I was researching how to animate the gun (has multiple parts, like the slide, trigger, clip, etc. into one animation attached to the parent of the gun. I came across this page here:

However, I tried this, but the children objects of the gun do not show up? It only shows a button that says “Add Curve” - was this functionality removed? If so, is it still possible to animate an object and it’s children with just one animation (if so, how?)

Thank you in advance.

The functionality is still there. Instead of showing every possible thing that can be animated on an object, it is now replaced with the Add Curve button. This allows you to choose which part to animate. Press it and you will see the same list as in the old system, except here you must click on the “+” next to a property to add a curve to it, it will now show up in the active animation list above the Add Curve button.

The curves will also appear automatically if you go into animation recording mode (The record button) and start moving objects around.