Does any unity3d file format specifications exist?

Hi, is it possible to find any info about internal structure of unity3d(UnityWeb) files?

Can you not connect to the database using C# or perhaps a scripted web page that you then import into Unity using WWW? Another option is to load the file external to unity using C# file IO.

I believe the file format is compiled as binary data, and includes not only the code to make the game run, but also includes all the assets the game needs, as well. Since it's most likely a proprietary format, I don't think a specification exists.

But as is the case with most file formats or protocols, if you spent enough time with it, I'm sure it could be reverse-engineered. Why do you want to know the specification in the first place? If you told us, we might be able to suggest an alternative method to what you're trying to do.

If you want to include a text file in a Unity3D file, then just copy the text file into a Project's Assets directory. You can then select it, along with all your other assets, and do an Assets->Export Package, and the final .unity3d file will have everything you selected.

Yes, you still need Unity for this, but since the Basic version is free, that shouldn't be a major problem. Granted, it doesn't run on Linux, but if you don't have a PC or Mac, where are you getting the other Unity Assets from?

I needed to create scenes for Unity3D in Adobe AfterEffects. To do this, i am writing a plugin that makes exports Unity3D readable format. This fomat may be only a text script file or XML?