Does anyone else find Unity incredibly difficult to work with?

I would say on average I spend about 10-20 times as much time just trying to adjust settings, and goof around with Unity than I do actually writing code…

I feel like I’m just shooting randomly at different Unity settings and components with a blindfold on. It seems like I have to try like 100+ different random built in Unity things before I luckily find something that actually works.

I strongly dislike the UI it makes it exceedingly difficult to notice little details when every little setting is constantly collapsing so at times you can’t even see the problem when it should be obvious.

And there are definitely quite a few bugs or extremely unexpected behaviors when dealing with complex multi layered objects containing all kinds of extra layers, bones, animations, etc.

It seems like Unity may not always update Child objects correctly even if it displays it in the UI.

Maybe these problems are just a sign that my first serious project is a little overly ambitious for my past experience.

I’ve only been programming for like 8 months at which time I didn’t even know how to write a single function… but I never expected I would spend 10-20 times as long trying to figure out Unity than writing code…

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting there for hours with finished code waiting to be implemented but first you have to goof around with Unity details for who knows how many hours like a retarded ape who can’t fit a square through a triangle hole.

I never expected Unity to be way harder to use than actually writing code… very disappointing. Not sure if I’m alone on this but I need to vent in hopes they do something to improve it. They need a way better UI and way better resources, most of their documentation appears to have been written up by one of their interns making minimum wage and on a tight schedule.

@Ryan “I never expected Unity to be way harder to use than actually writing code”
actually code writing in unity is very useful and so much improved.

yes i am agree with you in one point that is the UI. it is really hard to work with this, but you will get used to it, i have spend 1 year with unity to learn it’s feature, i dont have much problem with the ui.

The thing i like about unity is it supports multi platform supported and its community. you will get thousands of member to help you and also unity wiki for ready made code.
unity is very easy to use.

if you are building mobile platform based games you are in right place. but with fps and other games unity is not that good compare to other engine like unreal, cry engine,

you should get your answer by now. instead of asking this you should go to forum to start a new thread.