Does anyone have figures which show the take-up ratio for new users hitting unity webplayers for the first time?

I'm intersted to know whether there are any publically available figures which show how many users choose to install the plugin, compared with how many who do not, out of those users who visit unity content for the first time.

I'm aware that this ratio is going to differ based on the content in question, and how much the user knows about the content. For example, if the website presented them with screenshots or video beforehand, they know what and why they're installing. If a site just presents the content with no introduction, maybe the first-timers install ratio would be lower.

If anyone has collected data like this and would be willing to share, it would be hugely helpful!

I made this post Community Wiki so people can add their figures and links.

Matt Wegner posted some of Blurst's stats in the forums a while ago (link); with pictures, even!

Jonas Echterhoff mentioned a Unity blog post by David Helgason talking about the subject citing a 60% uptake ratio (link).

As you said, it is very difficult to get numbers for this, because they really do differ a lot based on the content. But here's an interesting blog post by David about this, where he talks about 60% take-up ratio: