Does anyone know about a glitch in a build where the mesh explodes

Hi,I am using Unity 3.4 0f5. I have been working in different projects and after a day or so of running a build, the mesh of the main object (around 11000 faces) seems to have exploded in an unpredictable ways (stretched faces, geometry flickers and appears at places where there isn’t, the materials and textures are messed up (mostly black and white.)).

Has anyone encountered a similar bug or glitch?

Hi everyone. Actually we got to the conclusion that this happened only while using Static Batching or Dynamic Batching, we never investigated which. It also happened while leaving a Build open for a while, so the problem is one that arises and worsens with time. Take not that this happened while using Unity 3.

We have not got any news of the problem happening with Unity 4… Hope this helps anyone who encounters a similar problem.