Does anyone know how to make rain?

Hey I am making a gloomy game and I felt that the game would be so much better if the game had some really awesome rain. Does anyone know how to make it rain using a particle system?

Here is how i created rain with the following setup:

Render mode is set to Stretched billboard with a length scale of 15.

I used sub emitters to create the splash effect when the rain hits a collision, for example i used a ‘plane’ (transform).

Here is the setup for the splash effect:

I hope this helps.

No need to reinvent the wheel…
Webplayer here:

Forum link:

Note this is not mine… I have tried it out and it works VERY well (seamlessly integrated by dragging prefab onto your player) and includes the splashes from the rain drops.

It is a very simple package and, if nothing else, you can use it as a base to develop your own to your tastes.

There is a cool one here:

Here is a working link to a great and FREE Asset for making rain in 3d and 2d. Along with collision detection, very impressed by this asset.