Does Application.CaptureScreenshot leak memory on IOS?

I’m using Application.CaptureScreenshot to save a screenshot to the persistent data directory (on an iPad2) and if I watch my memory in the XCode profiler it appears to increase by about 10 megs… slowly -
on the first photo it kindof jumps up 7 megs and then drops back down to the start amount plus 3.
On repeated snaps - the resting memory level levels off at about 10 megs more than it was when i started.
Does anybody know if this is just memory that hasn’t been garbage collected or is there a leak in the CaptureScreenshot function?

this is pretty critical for our app at this stage so any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Application.CaptureScreenShot should not be leaking any memory. If you are not loading the screen shots into memory after Storing them, then you should not continue increasing the memory size. If you are holding onto the Screen shot texture, the memory will continue to increase so long as you continue to add more textures. If you do end up with leaking memory after the application has terminated, you should file a bug report with an example project that leaks memory using the CaptureScreenShot function call.