Does assetbundle work well with mobile devices?

Hi!, I am trying to make a mobile game for IOS and Android, that features character customization, such as hats, hair styles, shoes, gloves, etc…

Looking around I found the character customization demo unity made uses assetbundle.
Asking around the internet, alot of people recomend using assetbundle, at the same time, others say that assetbundle has performance issues on mobiles and that those created for IOS cant be used on Android and viceversa.

I’d like to have a definite veredict on this, before I start working. So, what do you guys think? Or maybe I’m going about this wrong and there are other ways of making the character customization without using assetbundle at all. Not sure.

Anyway, thanks alot for the help!

primary asset bundles was created to download content you need only instead of all large content for future use. of course you got some performance issues on loading and unpacking bundles, depends on what type of bundle you use. usually bundles can be unpacked in background mode and doesn’t take big effect on performance.

for different types of platforms you should make different asset bundles. bundles packaging is nice programmable in editor, so build process is simple two mouse clicks in menu and some time (depends on project) to pack project. so this is not so big problem.

finally, is you have 1GB of content and only 10MB needed at runtime but you don’t know which part exactly will needed, you should use asset bundles.

but, if you have 10MB of content summary, it’s not a good idea to use bundles 8)