Does builtin-multiplayer work for turn-based (4-6P) ?


I am currently developing a turn-based game for the pc-platform. I tried to find a conclusive answer to the following question, but so far without success:

Can (even if the project should turn out to be commercially viable) built-in Unity3d multiplayer (RPCs/Syncronisation) used to implement turn-based multiplayer?

Every Turn is divided into control phase, where you give orders, and an execution phase, where the action happens. The game is supposed to be hosted by one of the players, who basically opens a game on the unity master server.

With regard to stability, performance etc. is it feasible to use built-in multiplayer? All Player would send their orders to server, which would then update the gamestate for every player.

Or do you know a better solution, maybe middleware without monthly costs (since I dont need a service to connect to [I think?]).

Thanks for your time!

It is possible to build this with Unity’s networking but as that won’t be ported to new platforms anymore, it’s not advisable. Try to get the new networking or use another middleware. There are several without monthly fees.