Does color.a in Sprite Renderer work correctly in iOS?

I’m using Playmaker to change the alpha value (color > a) in the Sprite Renderer in an object.

On real iOS devices the alpha transparency of the sprite doesn’t change - it’s just fully opaque like the a value is defaulting to 1. I’ve checked it on iOS 11.2 on an iPhone SE and also on iOS 9 on an old iPad 2.

It’s not the code because it works fine in the editor and I’ve also checked by hard-coding the alpha value to 0.1 in the color section in the inspector. Again, it’s fine in the editor, but not on a real device.

My sprites have no compression. I have done 3 or 4 builds with a range of RGBA compression options by using the iOS overrides in the sprite import settings.

Is this an iOS limitation, and if so, how to I get around it? (I’ll also need this to work on Android too but haven’t tested on a real device yet)


TLDR; is transparency supported in iOS?

i.e can you set a sprite to 0.5 alpha and it be semi-transparent on a real iOS device?