Does different versions of unity in a team affects the project (using version control)?


This is my first time using git for unity in a team project. As I have observed, one of the team member is using Unity 5.5.0xb5Linux and I am using Unity 5.4.1f1 (64-bit). I first committed to the repository and then he cloned it to his local server. He opened the project with no errors. He made a few changes and then committed it and I also synced it. He made a mistake as he forgot to change his editor options to “view meta files” and “force text”. After he made the changes, he committed again. As I felt that something was wrong I completely deleted my clone folder where he did wrong, and cloned it again after he made the changes. I opened the project and Unity showed a message saying “Your project was last opened with a different setup of unity… he saved project(5.5.0xb5Linux) does not match the launched editor(5.4.1f1)…note that if it build target installation is missing, this may also cause a re-import”. I clicked on “continue” . I checked the scenes and there was nothing on the scene. Please find attach to see the screenshot.
What should I do?

Yes I downloaded Unity 5.5.0f3 and it started working. I was not because of different OS, it was because we used different version of unity. We need to work on the same version of Unity for working on the same project from different systems.