Does GUI update every time a scene is loaded?

I am attempting to make my first game in Unity so I am very new to the process. Its a basic game based on the time it takes you to complete a level. I have a scene that loads after the player has completed the level which tells you your time and if you have beat the best time or not. I noticed after playing through one time then attempting to play through again, the GUI for “your time” only displays the last time you played through and not the current. Not sure if its my code or logic error, but its an important part of the game and can’t figure it out! This is the code attached to an object in my “level one win game scene”…

`using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Lvl1_WinGame : MonoBehaviour
private int seconds = (playTime % 60);

GUI.color =;
else if (minutes == minutes2 && seconds == seconds2)

GUI.Label (new Rect ((Screen.width/2)-195,(Screen.height/2)+80, 400, 50), “You didnt beat the best time…”);



This is my first question on unity forums so i’m not sure what other information to provide, let me know if there is anything else that I can provide. Any help would be appreciated!

It does not change because your playTime is static!
playTime should not be static.