Does it make sense to use UnityAccelerator locally for a single developer

In earlier version, I've been using the former Cache Server as a single, standalone installation on my single development PC where I've been developing private one-man project games ;-)

It seemed to me that this was helping A LOT for speeding up build time.
I am develping on a quite powerful PC with plenty of RAM and a decent CPU, so I guess that wasn't the wrong idea.

Now I am wondering whether the new UnityAccelerator can give me the same benefit? Or is it a dump idea?
I understand, of course, that UA is designed to mainly power team development, using a centralized server, but this is not my scenario.

Anyone having experience with such a way to use it?


With Asset Database Pipeline V2, you would have a built-in cache database in the Editor so you would not need to have Unity Accelerator running for a single developer. Unity Accelerator would be most beneficial for when you have a team working in the same network since it will save you time while importing new assets.


Thanks, @hiepu3d , this clarifies a lot.

I am working in Editor version 2020.3.3, so I am already on Pipeline v2 by default, right?
(Sorry for this potential noob question. I’ve been off from Unity for a loooong time and still struggling to catch up with the changes).

@coffiarts Yup it's the default (as of 19.3):

Looking at the original question :

  • if I’m using a local build pipeline (right now I use Jenkins) it would be beneficial to use the accelerator.
    The same way the local machine Cache Server was in Pipeline V1.
  • Moreover, I can mirror/expose my machine to coworkers so they would beneficiate from the Accelerator, regarding the fact I have a high upload bandwidth.
  • Finally I can easily switch between import pipeline V1 and V2, if my Library folder, the Cache Server and the Accelerator are kept.

Am I correct ?