Does just testing on iOS needs a unity license?


I want to test Unity on how it performs on iOS devices before purchasing license.

Given that I have a Apple Developer p12 certification, is it possible to use the free version of Unity and publish on the iPad/iPod for the sole purpose of testing my test suits?

Please be very specific about your answer.

Testing on the device needs a Unity iPhone Basic or Pro license.
And it doesn’t work in the simulator at all.

(But maybe the sales team might get you a 30-day trial license if you ask nicely. At least they do/did it with Unity Pro a while back.)

No, you have to own any Unity iOS license (iOS Pro or just iOS). They have a 30 day trial for Unity iOS Pro (don’t know if they still have it :P) with witch you can test it on your device.

No! I am very specific about my answer. This is all you get.