Does micropoly / tinypoly texture mapping have disadvantages?

I am thinking about making a series of mesh models that use one texture map, with a rainbow of colors. Then I would like to scale down the unwrapped polys into micro-poly’s, so they mostly get a solid color.

I did a test with a cube, and it worked well. Before I start making a bunch of models, I’m curious if there are some disadvantages to this that I don’t know about. Is there a performance penalty? Rendering artifacts? Colors bleeding from mips maps? Anything else?

Edit: Screen shots included of around 50 cubes rotating at different speeds and texture that shows an example of how I’m making the unwrapped mesh.


Just one man’s opinion, it seems like an OK idea.

Of course, it depends how many triangles you are using, like anything. If you mean maybe a few thousand on a face it should be fine right?

it would be interesting to see how shallow angle (anisotropic) issues work out - but you’ve tested that. Why not include a screen shot of your tests?

BTW “polygons” haven’t been used since like 1950 :slight_smile: it is simply triangles