does playerprefs exist after deleting app?

I created a app(game) using unity 3d. And i am saving a value in PlayerPrefs after purchasing a non consumable in-app. If user deletes the app and re install , that PlayerPrefs values doesnot exist in ios device. I have app in both ios device and android device. Please help with proper answers. Or any other methods to save better than in PlayerPrefs in ios to check whether user is purchased non consumable in-apps.

On both iOS and Android you need to support native functionality to restore purchases, which is there specifically for someone who deleted the app and wants to restore purchased non-consumable in-app products.

On iOS, restoring purchases is triggered using [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] restoreCompletedTransactions]; which makes the app run through all previously bought In-App Purchases, just like if the user just purchased them. Link to iOS documentation.

On Android you use the getPurchases() method to see what the user has purchased previously. Link to Android documentation

So after querying for old purchases, you can once again save the purchases into PlayerPrefs, althought I would recommend something like Secured PlayerPrefs.

I think you need to use the ios or android build in in-apps purchase system. I don’t think that PlayerPrefs are usefull for that.

There are a lot of package that can handle that.

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