Does Resources.Load work with Sprites?

I try to assign certain sprites to my gamefield elements with this code

myEl<em>.sprite= Resources.Load(myEl<em>.name+"_"+spritesArray*.ToString());*</em></em> 

but get nothing. Sprites located in Resources/folder/folder/xx_nn.png.
If i use Resources.LoadAll and array it works good, but too slow because in that case more than 7k sprites loaded.

You need to have the directory path in your load, don’t you?

string texturepath = “Assets/Resources/Textures/YourSpriteName.png”;
Texture2D loadedTexture = Resources.Load(“texturepath”) as Texture ;
Renderer rend = GameObject.GetComponent();
rend.material.mainTexture = loadedTexture ;

I have considered you have Folders In this order :
Assets----->Resources------->Textures-------->sprite that you want to load ;