Does Rigidbody.freezRotation allow transform.Rotate ?


I know mixing forces and transforms on a rigidbody is as bad as crossing the streams, but from what I read on the documentation, RigidBody.freezeRotation “Controls whether physics will change the rotation of the object”. Does that mean that if rotation is freezed I can manipulate rotation of my object via transform.Rotate ?

I’m just banging my head trying to align the Y vector of my object to the normal of the face under it via torque. I made it easily through transforms, and I found another question answered here suggesting “physic+transform ‘may be not so’ bad”.

Actually yes.

RigidBody.freezeRotation ensure that no force applied to this rigidbody will impact rotation. Nothing less, nothing more.

You can always manipulate rotation (and position too) via transform. And it is a good place to patch an object transform (in your case to keep up-vector aligned with surface normal).