Does RPCMode.All perform poorly?

I am ironing out some kinks in my networked multiplayer game, and I notice in pretty much every code sample I've seen using Unity's networking, if someone wants to call an RPC function on all connected clients they do something like:

function Update(){
        networkView.RPC ("DoSomething", RPCMode.Others);

function DoSomething()
    //do something here

Calling the function normally locally, and calling the function via RPC to all the other connected clients with RPCMode.Others.

How much less performant is doing the same thing by just using RPCMode.All, and removing the local function call alotogether?

Upon testing and research, apparently RPCMode.All has a bug where it doesn't always run the function for the player calling the RPC, which is why it is best practice to call the RPC function both locally as a normal function and and as an RPC.