Does SkinnedMeshRenderer support .OBJ models?

When I try to mix SkinnedMeshRenderer with my .OBJ models, Unity complains:

SkinnedMeshRenderer requires a mesh with skinning or blendshape information.

I would like to know how could I add skinning/blendshape info to my existing .OBJ models.

In other words, does Wavefront .obj file format support skins and/or bones? In case it doesn’t, is there any workaround so I can use SkinnedMeshRenderer with .OBJ models?

I don’t believe that .OBJ files contain bone and skinning information so you will have to use a tool like Blender to add skinning info and then use a format like .FBX to pass the data to Unity.

.obj is very limited format, it does not support skinning at all.

I would suggest you consider using collada instead. Collada is a standardized xml format for 3d models, it supports skinning and works perfectly with unity.

We did a program that produces collada files from a proprietary tool. It is admittedly more complicated than .obj format, but it has a lot more features and great tool support.

Here is a nice tutorial that got us started: