Does smaller scale impact on performance ?

I’m working to a car game and i want to know if i make whole scene 10,20 times smaller , is it possible to gain performance? (especially for the terrain) .

@florinel2102, my knowledge is no. Performance is mainly related to the number of vertices in the camera view. Scale does not matter much if everything is scaled, but there are some caveats.

  1. if things are scaled too small then there are potential floating point errors. But those only are an issue in extreme cases.

  2. you may need to scale the physics also. For example the acceleration due to example gravity - 9.8m/s*s. If everything is 10x as large, objects that fall will appear to accelerate more slowly relative to large non-falling objects. (you get the same effect when you view fast moving objects in the real world from a distance). Same issue in reverse if you scale everything down. Same for other forces you apply.

Of course, If you terrain is not scaled, of course you’re going to have more vertices than a smaller object.

Not sure about this one, but it seems Shader performance and the graphics card could be affected by the size of objects.

It depends there are all sorts of LOD optimisations but that only matters if the models re literally being rendered really really small and that size/ distance makes them reduce the texture and polygon resolution.

Other wise no. It’s the exact same data. Why would it matter what size it is?