Does SmartFox prefer that I use a certain coding language with Unity?

For instance, are there any road blocks I will encounter if I try to use one of Unity's supported languages when implementing SmartFox into my game?

Like, if my game's scripts are in Boo...Would SmartFox not work or be harder to use? Do I have to do anything special?

It is hard to answer in relation to SmartFox but I know for ElectroServer, another option and a high-end multiplayer server solution, working with Unity's C# and/or JS, they play and talk nicely back and forth. In general, I would say the general rules of engagement outlined by Unity for internal working would hold true. HTH.

No it dosent i used it it just says complected things like a cilent server or a open server i recommend u use pro because it dosent have much java script hope i helped