Does tessellation in URP with Entities.Graphics not work at all even with custom shaders?

Is tessellation completely missing for URP in Entities.Graphics? I bought the urp tessellation shader from Nicolás Ezcurra on the asset store and it works on normal GameObjects but not on entities. Is it on the roadmap and the feature matrix says LitTessellation.shader is "N/A" for URP how is that different from "No"

The shader needs to explicitly support Entities Graphics. Most custom shader authors don’t bother. But you can always ask the author for support.

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I looked into the shader and it has all the DOTS_INSTANCING boiler code included, there was just a weird bug in the shader. Calling unity_ObjectToWorld directly in the hull and domain functions for some reason makes the shader fail compilation on my machine for Entities Graphics. But when I replaced everymul(unity_ObjectToWorld, pos)with TransformObjectToWorld(pos) then the shader compiles and works. Weird

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Was it Amplify Shaders? I’m having the exact same issue atm. trying to figure this out.