Does '-testPlatform WSAPlayer' not create a results.xml file because it's not in the list of supported platforms for Unity tests?

According to the Unity Manual, WSAPlayer isn’t in the list of supported platforms. It still works as an argument for -testPlatform, though, and still runs tests. It doesn’t output anything in the file specified by -testResults. Is this because it’s not one of the supported platforms? Is it a bug?

I’m running this command on Unity 2017.1.1f1, Windows 10 64-bit:

Unity.exe -runTests -projectPath path/to/project -testResults path/to/results.xml -testPlatform WSAPlayer -batchmode

Hi @jwallra,

As you have seen WSAPlayer is not currently supported. And that is why you dont see the test results comming in.
Im currently working on it and will try to backport it, but cant promise anything :slight_smile: