Does the email notification system work for anyone?

I never receive any emails from UnityAnswers to let me know about replies on questions I am subscribed to. Does this work for anyone, or is something wrong with my account?

My account’s notification options all look correct, but next to my email address in my profile is a “send verification email” link. Nothing happens when I click this link, which seems like a clue that something is wrong with the QATO backend.

I receive at least thirty emails a day at my (Gmail powered) address, and have no other problems with it. I did check my spam folder just in case…

Ever since Unity Answers transitioned from SO to QATO, much of the system has been not exactly functional.

The best way to track responses is to just visit your user page @ (insert the URL preceding and including ina.html with your own user page URL)

In response to this thread, QATO fixed the notification system yesterday and I have been receiving notifications correctly since then. Thanks guys!