does the generic version of findobjectsoftype for c# work

the generic version of findobjectsoftype as shown here --> --> does not seem to work as documented in the scripting reference. (as discussed in the forums, but unity answers won't let me have more than one hyperlink in my question? ) should the code work as written in the scripting reference?

thanks andrew

I think the answer currently is, no - it does not work. As far as I can see, the Unity team intended to include this function in the API, but for some reason - although it made it into the documentation, it didn't actually make it into the engine!

This manual page has caused extra confusion because, aside from the missing command, it also has another unrelated mistake in the code. In the c# example the 'for' should read 'foreach'.

I'm guessing that UT will probably fix this problem and include the described function in the API in a future version (perhaps a UT engineer could add comment on this?).

Omg, this is an oversight on my end. We actually had that method in during development, but after a long debate we decided to pull it. Looks like I forgot pull it from the docs.

Sorry for the inconvenience.