Does the graphic card "Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller" able to run the game engine ?

I just downloaded the game engine Unity and tried to load some projects or even create a new project. Each time, the “Scene” section is completely white and I see nothing. When loading the game “Pressing on play”, no window appear, the scene still is white, but I hear the sounds of the game, and I now the game has been loaded since I can move, jump, etc… (I hear the sound of me jumping or walking). So I was wondering if the problem was my graphic card, which is → “Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller”. If this isn’t the problem, what can I do to resolve this problem ? Maybe the fact i am on linux don’t help, I don’t really know.

If the unity version you downloaded is for windows then that might be the problem…there is
a unity version for lynux. The graphics card should work but im not sure how good it will be at
game creation…does it run games pretty good? I hope you can get it going!