Does the iOS exporter for 3.5 work with 4.0?

Hi–I’m really psyched to start using 4.0, but am a little nervous about downloading it since I’ve just purchased the iOS exporter for 3.5 and am concerned about compatibility since I’d rather not buy it again so soon (mine is about two months old). I’d like to know if it’s compatible and if there are any issues with the upgrade on that account.

Unity 3.x and Unity 4.x (and their respective add-ons) are two completely independent products. You can have both Unity 3.x and Unity 4.x installed on the same machine. You may want to upgrade your iOS add-on to 4.0 if you want to use the new features at some point in the future. To do iOS development today you’ll launch your 3.x Unity product.

Wonderful! Thank you!

Wonderful–is there a discount upgrade for the iOS 4 version, or is it a separate purchase?

As I recall, they stopped selling ‘3.5’ versions of Unity and addons back during the summer. If you bought iOS two months ago, then you technically bought the iOS for Unity 4, which comes with access to past versions (why you’re able to use 3.5).

At least, that was the case with the iOS and Android Pro packs that I bought over the summer :slight_smile: