does the iPad have a max FPS

I’m currently doing the finishing touches on my first unity game for the iPhone/iPad, and I have a question on optimization.

throughout the game I use a max of 2000 tri’s, I only have two different meshes which only use one material each and according to the stats view I never get above 10 draw calls. I only use one light source which is a point light with render mode “Not important”.

Still I can’t get my frame rate above 30 fps on the iPad. For my materials I was using 1024x1024 true color uncompressed TGA textures which I tried to reduce to 512x512 with default compression - this had absolutely no effect at all which made me wonder if the iPad has a maximum frame rate of 30fps

Can anyone help me here?


IN the xcode project the file specifically search for the enum kFPS and change it to 60.

With recent Unity versions, there a new method now:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class fps : MonoBehaviour {
	void Awake() {
        Application.targetFrameRate = 60;
		Debug.Log("FPS set to 60");

Attach this script to the main camera, for example.