Does the (over)number of vertices make conflicts with the materials?

Hello everyone!

I have a conflict here between unity and 3ds max and can’t figure out what is the problem.
I have a city map made in 3ds max, I imported the map(fbx), and the materials are a mess.
In 3ds max I have the materials perfectly organized, but in unity I have a single material named “standard material” which is responsible for almost the whole map.
As I change the color of this material, the whole map is affected.

The map(model) has 3 million vertices viewed in 3ds max, and not in unity.
Since unity counts as the graphic card counts them…

I need to know if there’s a limit for the vertices count (total and not per mesh) that unity has conflicts with the materials, or what other reason?
Any help would be great!

No, Unity has not a total vertices limit, but there’s a limit of 65000 vertices per mesh. So if your “map” is split into several meshes, each less than 65k there’s no problem unless your hardware(system memory, graphics memory, …) can’t handle it. If one mesh has multiple submeshes you have to add one material for each submesh in the materials array of the renderer component. Note: submeshes are not seperate meshes. Submeshes belong to the same mesh (still a vert limit of 65k) but parts of the mesh uses a different material. You can usually see the submesh count when you select the “mesh asset” in the inspector. It will also tell you the vertices and triangle count.