Does the personal version include build to android? I keep getting the message "Your license does not cover Android Publishing". If not which tier do I have to purchase to get this?

I have installed the components and the external tools JDK/SDK show they are working.

Yes you can build to android with the personal free version, it is a bug probably try this solution unity - "Your license does not cover Android Publishing" error - Game Development Stack Exchange

A quick google search and this popped up as the first result:

Next time, try and google your issue, before posting about it.

This all started when I tried to update from version 5.3.8. It’s been a while since I have used unity and figured an update was in order. The saga so far is I have tried:

  • Installing on Win7 Win10 and OSX with identical results
  • Logging out of my unity account / reboot computer / log back in
  • had each unit check for licence updates
    Next on the list is the complete uninstall/ remove from registry/ reinstall. I’m just hoping there is an easier fix that can be shared with the community, it seems I’m not alone in this.